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Please do not let the present Sunset Resort Management use your vote at the 2016 A.G.M


Calling all Apartment Owners at Sunset Resort.


If you want to see changes at Sunset Resort then we need to change the developers management company, we must all use or votes at the 2016 A.G.M to make this happen.   We all must protect our apartments and our Investment in Sunset Resort by voting at the annual general meeting for what we the apartment owners feel is right for the resort and what will protects our investment in Sunset Resort in the future.


What we are asking you to do is if you will not be attending the 2016 A.G.M then please give your proxy vote to another owner if you know one who will be attending the A.G.M or give your vote with a power of attorney to the S.R.I.O.C  who will vote the way you ask them too on all the issues on the A.G.M agenda.


Please do not give up hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel and in the next few week there will be articles here on this site where we will name other complexes on the Black Sea Coast that has removed the developers management company and are now in control of their apartments and their investment. These resorts are now performing better with better reviews and an increased income for owners.

Here as promised is just a few of the complexes that have removed the developers management company and replaced it with owner’s organisations.


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Lifestyle 3   Ravda                Go There Now                       Facebook 

Sea Dreams Sunny Beach  
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We as owners have all tried to work with the present management at Sunset Resort and a few of the owners have made some progress but nothing has really changed for the majority of the owners for the better, every 2 years the management company changes it name but the people that run it stays the same. We as owners have won court cases against Sunset Resort but it can take between 3 to 5  years to complete if he appeals it in all 3 courts (Pomorie, Bourgas and Sofia). By the time you have won your case in all 3 courts there have been up to 5 new A.G.M held and many of the items  that were being appealed were ratified at the next years A.G.M. If you are taking Sunset Resort to court for monies owed to you please insure you get your lawyer to place a lean against their bank account and insure there are fund in it.


Electricity and Water in your Apartments


Vote here if you would like to pay for your electricity and water by your meter readings



So I ask the question why does the management company change every 2 years when the owner of the companies are the same person  with the same company address? Is this done so that any owners that are owed money from the old company or that have court cases against this company and are now trying to recover this from a company that no longer exists or has no funds in their bank account.

Please click on the links below and read the article about how this has been happening all over Bulgaria.

Please click here to read this Article


Harassment and Intimidation of Owners at Sunset Resort      Go There Now